2018 Greater Thumb Little League Rules


The 2018 Little League Baseball Rulebook will be followed with the following exceptions/clarifications being approved by the League Officials.

1. Game

a. Must have at least 8 to start the game. 

b. Teams do have the ability to use a substitution player if they are unable to field 9 players. The Player Agent and/or Coaching Director are to find a fair substitution. This player is unable to pitch.

c. The 9th batter would be recorded as an out each time through the lineup if not utilized.

d. Continuous batting order. 

e. All bats to be inspected by the umpire prior to the start of the game. ONLY USA Baseball labeled bats will be allowed in the dugout during the game. 

f. Players must play at least 2 innings in the field (does not have to be consecutive) 

g. Free Substitution

h. 10U ONLY has the option to play 10 players in the field (4 outfielders only) 

i. 10U ONLY-Max of 5 runs per inning until the last inning which is unlimited. If the umpire declares last inning due to time limit this will constitute the unlimited runs allowed. 

j. No stealing home if up by 10 or more runs at any point of the game. 

k. Dropped third strike only apply to 12U

2. Pitching Rules

a. 12U-Little League Pitch Count Rules Apply (See Regulation VI Pg. 44 2018 Rule Book)

i. 1-20 Pitches – No Rest Required

21-35 Pitches – 1 Calendar Day Rest

36-50 Pitches – 2 Calendar Days Rest

51-65 Pitches – 3 Calendar Days Rest

66-85 (max) Pitches – 4 Calendar Days Rest 

ii. Pitcher who delivers 41 or more pitches in a game cannot play the position of catcher for the remainder of the day. 

iii. If a pitcher reaches a day(s) of rest threshold while facing a batter, the pitcher may continue to pitch until any one of the following conditions occurs: (1) that batter reaches base; (2) that batter is retired (3) the third out is made to complete the half-inning or the game. The pitcher will only be required to observe the calendar day(s) of rest for the threshold reached during that at-bat, provided that pitcher is removed or the game is completed before delivering a pitch to another batter. 

iv. Any player who has played catcher in 4 or more innings in a game is not eligible to pitch on that calendar day. 

v. A player may only pitch in one game per day

b. 10U-

i. A player may pitch 2 innings per game/3 innings per day/6 innings per week

ii. Any player who has played catcher in 4 or more innings in a game is not eligible to on that calendar day. 

3. Ending a Game: 

a. 1 hr 45min time limit. No inning to start after 7:45PM on School nights. 

b. If time is available, ties will go into extra inning until time limit has been met.

c. Regular season games can end in a tie. 

d. Friday and Saturday games will not have a time limit. 

e. Home team to report final score. Procedure to be determined. 

4. Weather

a. Cancellations:

i. All games must be cancelled by home team prior to 4:00PM.

ii. Home team will contact the opposing head coach

iii. Make-up games will be scheduled for the first available Saturday following cancellation date. 

iv. All Make-up games will start at 1PM unless agreed upon by both coaches. 

b. Postponed Games: 

i. 4 innings constitutes a complete game

ii. IF game is postponed due to weather prior to 4 innings being completed the game will pick up where it left off. 

iii. Pitch count will be in effect for the week they resume, not the week the game was postponed from. 


2018 Greater Thumb Little League Rules (docx)